Pisces Conservation was formed in 1995 by staff with many years' experience working in and with the UK power industry.

Our core expertise lies in aquatic biology, the ecological effects of abstraction and discharge, and the mitigation of those effects.

We have a wide range of clients in industry and conservation, throughout the UK, Europe and the USA.

As well as consultancy, we develop in-house a wide range of analytical and educational software, and publish classic scientific texts in electronic format.
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Our key members of staff:
Richard Seaby, BSc. PhD.
Richard is the managing director of PISCES. He obtained his degree from the University of London and doctorate in freshwater ecology from the University of Liverpool. He is a specialist in aquatic ecology and Windows programming for ecological applications. Much of his ecological work in recent years has been on the effect of industrial plant on marine fisheries.
Peter Henderson, BSc. PhD.
Peter obtained both Bachelor's and doctoral degrees from Imperial College, London. He has many years' experience in applied ecological research, and lectures in population ecology and ecological methods at the University of Oxford. He has co-authored and revised the book Ecological Methods with Prof. Sir Richard Southwood, and is a specialist in population dynamics and tropical and temperate crustacean and fish ecology. Peter has worked extensively on the conservation of wetlands.
Robin Somes
Robin trained as an illustrator, but has subsequently worked for many years in ecological surveying and fish deterrence. Robin runs our websites and works on software development and e-books, as well as handling software sales, and the design of our brochures, CDs and packaging. In the field, he specialises in fish, benthic and lagoonal invertebrate surveys, and electric fishing.

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